Lachie’s School

September 29, 2008

As most of you know Lachs has started school. Its a British school so he is in FS2 which is the equivalent to prep in Queensland. He goes 5 days a week from 8 till1pm and absolutely loves it. He has started bringing home ‘reading books’ which he is very proud of and has already learnt most of the sounds the letters make. He thinks he is very clever and loves sitting and sounding out words, then making Charlotte do it, as a result she now knows quite a few of her sounds (he taught her all the letters about 6 months ago). However, he still has no interest what so ever in drawing, painting or anything like that.

His teacher is Scottish and the aide is British (as are most of the staff being a British school) and after the first 2 days of school Clint and I were amused to hear him trying to talk like Miss Broers- we could hardly understand him with the broad Scottish drawl he had going.

Charlotte will (hopefully) start there next September in FS1 (kindy). She has already sellected which room she would like to be in, has told me in no uncertain terms that she will have the dress and wont wear the skirt and top uniform option but she has a big problem with having to wear black shoes! She thinks that pink would look much better!

Here are some photos of my baby boy on his first day of the school year here!

All night hairdresser

September 28, 2008

My hair has been driving me crazy but I didn’t want to have to take Charlotte with me so went for a night appointment, the salon is open from 8pm till midnight so I headed off just before 10pm guessing that the latest I could be was 12pm.

It appears that for the local women having your hair done is more of a social outing. You go with at least 2 friends (although only 1 has an appointment) you all sit round and discuss colours and styles with the hairdresser, drinks lots of tea and coffee and offer input the entire time. Of course men are not allowed in as the women have their headwear off.

I finally left my appointment at 1:15am- and there were still more customers left! The salon was lovely but I don’t think they are too use to working with blonde hair- the foils are a little blonder then intended but otherwise all good.

So after a late night Friday followed by the hairdresser last night, I think an afternoon nap might be in order as we are going out to an Iftar feast tonight so it will also be a late one.

It’s in the moon….

September 25, 2008

We are heading towards the end of Ramadan (the Islamic Holly month of fasting) which ends with a celebration including a few public holidays. I guess its similar to our Easter which I know also goes with the moon but at least they pick a date and stick with it.

We were originally given next Wed/Thurs as the public holidays, then yesterday a note came home from school saying to would be Mon/Tues/Wed with the school being closed Thurs as well (Friday and Sat are the weekend). But overnight the moon changed position so now Eid starts on Sunday so the school will be closed for the week. I am looking forward to not having to make lunch for a week!

Am waiting to hear from Clint as to which days he has off. Apparently all the public holidays are the same and are sometimes only announced the day before! It is such a reflection of the laid back lifestyle- no one makes plans, it’ll all work out.

Clints legal!!!

September 23, 2008

After getting the ball rolling in June, Clint is finally a resident of the U.A.E. It has been a frustrating process especially watching people arrive and get their residency after only a week or two (which is how long it is meant to take). 

Being a resident means we can now buy cars and more importantly Clint can drive again- you can drive as a visitor or as a resident but while you are in no-mans land awaiting residency (as Clint has been since June) it is illegal to drive. On the positive side, I have had to do all the driving and can now find my way around the island and surrounding area quite well- which means I can get to all the big shopping malls plus find my way home if I get lost or miss a turn (all the important things really).

Charlottes stitches

September 23, 2008
Not a happy camper!

Not a happy camper!

On Sunday we checked out the U.A.E health care system after Charlotte sliced her finger to the bone on the screen door. She is now the proud owner of 3 stitches on her finger and i can report that the heath care here is great. She was seen by a nurse straight away who cleaned the wound, this was followed by a progression of nurses, orderlies and the doctor some of which came into the room only to see her hair… interesting conversation at the water cooler that day! This photo was while waiting for her xrays to be checked to clear her of a break or a chipped bone, we were both over the hospital by this stage!

Welcome to our blog!

September 23, 2008

I thought I would test my computer skills and start a blog about our lives here in the U.A.E. For those of you with your own blogs- forgive my elementary attempt!