It’s in the moon….

We are heading towards the end of Ramadan (the Islamic Holly month of fasting) which ends with a celebration including a few public holidays. I guess its similar to our Easter which I know also goes with the moon but at least they pick a date and stick with it.

We were originally given next Wed/Thurs as the public holidays, then yesterday a note came home from school saying to would be Mon/Tues/Wed with the school being closed Thurs as well (Friday and Sat are the weekend). But overnight the moon changed position so now Eid starts on Sunday so the school will be closed for the week. I am looking forward to not having to make lunch for a week!

Am waiting to hear from Clint as to which days he has off. Apparently all the public holidays are the same and are sometimes only announced the day before! It is such a reflection of the laid back lifestyle- no one makes plans, it’ll all work out.


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