All night hairdresser

My hair has been driving me crazy but I didn’t want to have to take Charlotte with me so went for a night appointment, the salon is open from 8pm till midnight so I headed off just before 10pm guessing that the latest I could be was 12pm.

It appears that for the local women having your hair done is more of a social outing. You go with at least 2 friends (although only 1 has an appointment) you all sit round and discuss colours and styles with the hairdresser, drinks lots of tea and coffee and offer input the entire time. Of course men are not allowed in as the women have their headwear off.

I finally left my appointment at 1:15am- and there were still more customers left! The salon was lovely but I don’t think they are too use to working with blonde hair- the foils are a little blonder then intended but otherwise all good.

So after a late night Friday followed by the hairdresser last night, I think an afternoon nap might be in order as we are going out to an Iftar feast tonight so it will also be a late one.


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