Lachie’s School

As most of you know Lachs has started school. Its a British school so he is in FS2 which is the equivalent to prep in Queensland. He goes 5 days a week from 8 till1pm and absolutely loves it. He has started bringing home ‘reading books’ which he is very proud of and has already learnt most of the sounds the letters make. He thinks he is very clever and loves sitting and sounding out words, then making Charlotte do it, as a result she now knows quite a few of her sounds (he taught her all the letters about 6 months ago). However, he still has no interest what so ever in drawing, painting or anything like that.

His teacher is Scottish and the aide is British (as are most of the staff being a British school) and after the first 2 days of school Clint and I were amused to hear him trying to talk like Miss Broers- we could hardly understand him with the broad Scottish drawl he had going.

Charlotte will (hopefully) start there next September in FS1 (kindy). She has already sellected which room she would like to be in, has told me in no uncertain terms that she will have the dress and wont wear the skirt and top uniform option but she has a big problem with having to wear black shoes! She thinks that pink would look much better!

Here are some photos of my baby boy on his first day of the school year here!


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