My Little Fish

We have only been here 6 weeks but in that time the kids have turned into little fish… it’s amazing what regular access to a pool can do!  We try and go every couple of days- its still a little warm to go before about 4pm but the water is divine.


Lachs has gone from refusing to let go of us to swimming across the pool (about 10m) by himself. He is also getting the idea of proper diving.


Charlotte was also fairly unsure at first- (although a lot more confident than Lachs) but now little miss no fear just jumps in and swims around assuming when she gets tired someone will be there to grab onto. She can hold her breath for an extraordinary length of time, I often start wondering if she is in trouble but then she pops up. Her favourite game is jumping down to try and sit on the bottom of the pool. She can now swim about 5 meters by herself but tries to make it all the way across.


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