Peak Hour

One of the best things about living at our Villas is the instant community.

There are about 20 kids under the age of 8 in our street alone and every afternoon from about 4pm (although it’s getting earlier as the weather gets nicer) our street is a mass of kids, bikes, skateboards, roller blades, ball games etc. The kids all have a ball while the mothers sit, gossip and constantly yell out for the older kids to watch out for the ones still crawling.

Although it’s a bit scarier for the dads who have to drive down the street as they return home from work. The kids are all well trained now and when they hear ‘car’ they hop onto the footpath taking the nearest toys and toddlers with them.

Lachs loves riding his bike and races up and down with the kids his age. Charlotte rides around with 2 of the other girls her age for about 20 minutes before they disappear into someones house or start collecting sticks to put down the drains (apparently its fun).



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