Trick or treat?

Yes Halloween is an American tradition but it seems to be somewhat of an expat one too! As a result the kids had their first ‘real’ taste of trick or treat on Friday night. 

There has been a big build up to it, lots of shops are decorated (one a tad to scary for Charlotte and she refused to go in) and everywhere seems to sell costumes, candies and all the associated paraphernalia.

The kids have been talking about costumes for a couple of weeks and spent most of Friday asking if it was time to get ready yet! Our complex has 10 streets and most  had the pumpkin picture on the door letting the children know they could go there. Most of the kids in our street walked around on mass, but we only did 3 streets, by then the kids were ready to play and had enough candy and chocolate to last them till next year!

This was one of the first houses- as you can see Lachs was straight into it (he is ringing the door bell). Charlotte was a little hesitant at first and hung back until she realised she got chocolate then there was no stopping her


While we were trick or treating Clint stayed at home to hand out candies to the kids who came to our house… although we returned to find all the Dads sitting on the street having a drink with the candies next to them so they didn’t have to get up and the trick or treaters didn’t have to ring the doorbells!



The kids then took over the job, Lachie and Charlotte had a ball handing out the treats to other kids.

Some of the kids in our street… it was hard to get them to stand still for a photo!


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