Visa Run

Although Clint is a resident, the kids and my paperwork is taking it’s time… and on Saturday our tourist visas ran out so we had to leave the country on what is commonly called a visa run.

Most people fly to Oman or Doha and then back an hour latter, but we took the cue from our neighbours, decided to drive and get the company to pay for a hotel room instead… a much better option!

It was all quite simple, we drove to Al Ain which is about 1.5 hours away and from there drove over the border to Oman, then reentered again on new tourist visas so we have another 60 days. The residency visa wouldn’t worry me but legally Lachs can only attend school for 60 days on a tourist visa, which he is well over. So far he hasn’t received a please explain letter from the ministry but other kids have. Hopefully by the time his name pops up, it will be sorted.

We stayed at the Hilton for the night and the kids had a ball.


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