school photo

Lachie’s school photo.

Lachie seems so grown up now as he heads off to school 5 days a week in his uniform. He loves school although by Thursday (end of the week here) he is tired. It’s really amazing how much he has learnt since school started in September. They use the jolly phonics program (which I love and use to teach in year one) and he is now reading. It’s wonderful to have watched him go from sounding out every word to now reading his books and only having to sound out a few words.

When he gets home from school, he and Charlotte play together (she misses him when he is at school) before he does his homework (reading book and site words) then heads outside with all the other kids in the street to play. It really is a wonderful place for him to grow up.


One Response to Lachie

  1. GMassive says:

    Reading? Really?

    Well WEll Well,,

    He’s already outperforming his old man!!

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