Exciting News… well for us!

It’s hard to believe it’s already December, but the first few days have been good ones for us.

On Monday (1st) the kids finally became residents! Hooray, now Lachs can be legal at school. Mine of course hasn’t come through yet but I have been for the medical so it shouldn’t be too long. That said, all government offices are closed for the next 11 days so nothing will be happening till after Eid.

The schools are also closed for the next 11 days, then reopen for 5 days before closing for Xmas for 2 weeks. It is because of national day (2nd), then Eid (religious holiday timed by the moon) is the 7,8 and 9th. So they decided to close schools and all government departments for the whole time plus a few extra days. Pity Clint doesn’t work for the government, he only gets the 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th.

More exciting news for the kids was the discovery that one of the supermarkets is currently selling weetbix. Called bixies but made by sanitarium, from Australia- even has the Aussie made sign! The kids are thrilled as they have been eating a dodgy substitute, good cereal is hard to find over here, plenty from America but it’s all at least 30% sugar. I have learnt that if you see something at the supermarkets you stock up as it is unlikely to be there next time, so I now have enough weetbix to last us a few months!

We also put our Xmas tree up on the first. It was lots of fun this year as both the kids were really in to it, it’s amazing what they remember from a year ago. Charlotte was very quick to point out that the special balls don’t have to go so high cause she is big now and wont touch them! As soon as we got the boxes out, Lachs was asking where specific decorations were.  Charlotte couldn’t put enough decorations on, and you can see how tall she is … the bottom branches are heavy with decorations.

They both had to put the star on…



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