Ahhh clowns!

We discovered a couple of weeks ago at a party that’s Charlotte is scared of clowns! She was quite happy when the clown arrivedand moved through the crowd until…. the clown turned around with the full makeup on and that was the end of Charlotte. She begged to go home and buried her face sobbing in my lap until the clown left an hour later,then she was fine.

So as we headed off to Ben’s third birthday party on Friday I let her know there was going to be another clown there. She immediately said she didn’t want to go to the party so I had to carry her down the road and then it took alot of convincing to get her in the door. The clown was already there so Charlotte spent the first part of  the party at the opposite end of the courtyard shooting the clown lovely looks like this…bens-clown-face

However, she did sit in the same circle as the clown for pass the parcel- but she had to sit on my lap.

The stresses in the life of a 2 year old… poor baby!


2 Responses to Ahhh clowns!

  1. Ant says:

    I’m with Charlotte … I don’t like clowns either!

  2. Liz D'Castro says:

    Guess that means you won’t be going to the circus then.

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