Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There are so many tourist attractions around Abu Dhabi and with both my sisters here for a short visit the past week has been  the perfect time to play tourist in our new city. One of the places we visited was the Grand Mosque.

The mosque is opened but still not quite finished with work on the gardens and some areas of the courtyards still being done. However it is still a spectacular place to visit. The mosque is one of the largest in the world and holds around 40,000 worshipers; they hold daily tours and it’s well worth the time to see not only the beautiful building and its design but also to learn more about their culture.  Out of respect women are given an abaya (long black robe) to wear as well as a sheyla (headscarf) to wear while in the mosque. I expected Lachie and Charlotte to comment when I put it on but they didn’t, just as they have never said anything about the locals wearing them all the time. It just shows how accepting and tolerant of differences kids are!


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