Christmas wrap up

With the family gone and the tree taken down yesterday, Christmas already seems more than a few days ago! It was wonderful to have everyone here and to meet baby Lucinda for the first time.

Unfortunately Christmas day itself didn’t quite go according to plan for my kids. Lachie woke up vomiting and spent most of the day either being sick or sleeping- he did perk up enough to open presents and join us at the table for the first course but that was it.  However he is fine now, only a 24 hour bug and he is enjoying discovering all his new things.

Charlotte had a rough night, waking every half hour or so and just wanting us to lie next to her before she went to sleep again (which is very unlike her) she finally fell into a deep sleep on her mat as the sun came up. I had to wake her at 9:30 so we could open presents. We originally thought maybe she too was coming down with something but have since discovered she was scared Santa would come into her room (thanks to all the kids in the street!) so she wanted us with her so he wouldn’t come in…. on the positive side, she has stranger danger under control! But once she was up xmas morning she was fine, although very tired by the end of the day!

Their presents from santa were a hit, Charlotte loves her dolls house and plays with it constantly. Lachie loves his remote control car- although I am still trying to work out if santa bought it for Lachie or Clint!

Their other gifts are also getting lots of use especially Lachies scooter (thanks Aunty Keli, Uncle Brett, Livi, Brigitte and Ryan) and his computer (thanks Nanny and Poppy). Charlotte loves all her new toys- especially the dolls (thanks Aunty Fi and Steve, Nanny and Poppy) we have to negotiate with her at night as to which 5 toys she can have in her bed all there would be no room for her! Thank you to all the family for their gifts, they all have been used/ played with already and no doubt will get lots of use over the next year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!


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