Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great New Years Eve, the Australian New Year started our street party (6pm our time) so we were celebrating with you all! Then we kicked on well past our new years till 4am… it’s been a long time since I have done that! Of course the kids were up at 7:30 to remind me why I don’t stay up that late!!!!!!!!!! 

At least we got to celebrate, unlike Dubai where all celebrations were cancelled at the last minute to show solidarity with the people in the Gaza strip.

It’s back to routine today however, the new school term has started and Clint is back to work. Lachs was happy to go back to school- always a good sign. And Charlotte and Ihave had a thrilling morning of cleaning before we are off to do the groceries- excitement plus! She has already asked a few times when it will be 1pm so we can go get Lachie.

Charlotte idolises Lachie and the two of them play well togther, they keep each other amussed for hours and have made up words and actions that just send them both into fits of laughter. I love listening to them play as they make up stories and role play with their toys.

They are the best of friends and Charlotte will usually do anything for Lachie (yes I know this will change!). Most nights Lachie will eat his dessert quickly then announces he is still hungry, Charlotte automatically gives him some of hers. The other night we commented on how lucky he was to have Charlotte share with him and so he said he would share with her the next night. So the next night as usual Lachie ate his dessert very quickly, then as he was scrapping his bowl says to Charlotte ”lets share” and gives her the half spoonful of scrappings from his bowl. She then shares the rest of her ice-cream with him, 1 spoon for her then 1 for him!  He certainly knows how to get what he wants!


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