It’s a miracle!

My darling Lachie will probably never be an artist nor in an occupation where he gets dirty, the signs have been there from an early age…

  • Standing outside the sandpit to dig at daycare (from 8 months of age)
  • Demanding while in his highchair that any spills be cleaned up before he would continue to eat
  • Refusing to paint  unless it was with a brush
  • Having to pack everything up and have all toys in the right place before going to bed (this one I like!)
  • The list could go on..

He also has never shown any interest in drawing/painting/gluing and only does it when there are no other options. We had hoped this would change at school but it hasn’t thus far. So while he excels at reading and maths he has to be cohered into any art and will only write when he has too.

So we were thrilled and amazed when we were cooking dinner last night that he got his etcha-sketch board and wrote we maid chocoalait slise. (we made chocolate slice) It is phonetically correct and all the letters were round the right way and the same size.

We are very proud of our clever little man! Perhaphs I should bake with the kids more often!


One Response to It’s a miracle!

  1. Liz D'Castro says:

    Well Done Lachs. Wish he could teach mine to clean up.

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