No training wheels

Lachs has been ready for a few weeks now to have the training wheels off, but as he still can’t touch the ground while sitting on his bike he has been hesitant to try. However, yesterday while I was out with Mum and Dad (they arrived early yesterday morning) Clint removed the training wheels for him to try.

From all accounts of those out on the street there was no looking back for Lachie. He got it straight away and spent the rest of the afternoon riding around with a huge grin on his face! Still has to master how to get the pedals in the correct position to start but for day 1 he is a little legend!



2 Responses to No training wheels

  1. Chris White says:

    Hi Kat,
    It is great to see young Lachie off the training wheels and having a ball flying around home.
    However, I would like to draw your attention to your husband’s “Training wheels”. It was my understanding that capital had been approved for this acquisition. Yet, I beleive the funds have not quite been forthcoming. Could you please explain!!!!!!

    • kjnkjt says:

      Ha ha ha, and here I was considering a new bike I will let him know that you think he only needs new wheels. I hear your new wheels worked a treat at caloundra- well done!

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