Mama and Papa

We have just returned from dropping Mum and Dad at the airport to fly back to Brisbane (via a few stops). They have been here for 2 weeks and the time has gone so quickly.

While they were here Clint and I headed off to Dubai for 3 nights without the kids. It was wonderful- sleeping in, relaxing and wait for it… eating dinner after 6pm at night! The Dubai shopping festival was on so we were able to explore some of the malls and grab a few bargains while enjoying the break.

Mum and Dad had a hit and miss with the tourist attractions. The day they went to the grand mosque the tour was not on beacuse of some VIP group. The day we went to the womens cultural centre, it was open but all the local handicraft ladies were at an exhbition at Sharjah (antoher emirate), we went to go to the old palace to find it had recently been bulldozed… luckily the heritage centre at the breakwater was open for business!

However the real tourist attractions for them did not disappoint. Lachie learnt to ride his bike without training wheels the first day they were here, mastered the use of the break on his scooter and enjoyed showing off his new found reading skills every day. Charlotte loved having them here and while Lachs was at school she had them to herself and they complied by reading her numerous stories, playing games watching her ride and generally entertaining her.  Although I know they will miss us, I am sure Mum and Dad will enjoy not having to play a million boardgames a day! And we will miss them, I guess it’s back to cleaning my own house and raising my own children next week!!!

Lachie is already counting down the sleeps (150) till we will see them again in July.


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