Starting School

Although we are half way through the second of 3 school terms here and Lachie is well into the routine of a school uniform and going 5 days a week; we know school has started back in Australia this week. I have received numerous messages from friends not so thrilled to be back at work and accusing me of crossing to the dark side (people who are glad when school holidays are over)!

Our thoughts have been with those friends and family who are starting school for the first time especially:

Year 1- Olivia, Jamo

Prep- Ryan, Luke

Pre-prep- James

Kindy- Chloe, Sophie

For those who have sent photos- thank you! For those of you that haven’t… yes this is a very non subtle reminder that I would love to see them!


3 Responses to Starting School

  1. jodie erfurth says:

    I hope you don’t mean my Sophie – she’s staying home with me!!!

  2. Liz D'Castro says:

    No she means my Sophie. I had the name first Jodie (LOL) Photos are on Facebook Kat.

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