Winter and the wet season

It is only early February and already the days are getting warm, the weather at the moment is perfect but Iam not looking forward to June! The wet season (month of January) saw a whole 4 or so days of rain, which is about average and apparently winter has also been and gone. It did get cold enough for a long sleeve shirt outside at night but I really only felt the cold at the malls where they seem to lower the air-conditioner temperature; maybe to encourage people to buy the winter clothing.

The kids are both good but Charlotte has spent the last 4 days covered in red spots. Apparently the result of an allergic reaction (to what we don’t know) but it looks worse than it is. She is feeling fine but it is hard to get out and about with a child who looks rather contagious!

It will be half term this weekend, so Lachie will have Sunday and Monday off school. It comes at a perfect time as the last 2 days he has started to struggle to get out of bed for school so the couple of sleep ins will be good. The break also coincides with the arrival of Great Grandma (Clint’s maternal Grandmother) who is coming to stay for 3 weeks.  Lachie is looking forward to seeing her and Charlotte (in her usual style) talks about her coming but no doubt will take a day to warm to her again.

We have enrolled Charlotte to start school in September and now wit to find out if she got a place, like everything here you need a million copies of documents, signatures and of course passport photos. She was very proud to be having her photos taken for school:



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