”School” for Charlotte

As we have mentioned before, come September Charlotte will be off to the same school as Lachie. She will go 5 days a week, in school uniform and it really is the start of her formal education. To ease her (and me) into it we have just enrolled her in the Abu Dhabi American Teddy Bear Nursery.

She will go 3 days a week starting after the Easter holidays and her 3rd birthday.  Although it is essential childcare, the centres are run quite differently here. It is a minimum of 3 days a week and all children in the class attend from 8am until 2pm, the facilities are amazing; apart from being in their room and having outside (under covered play) each day they also visit the art room, music room, gym (soooo cute mini size exercise bikes, treadmills, rock climbing walls etc), computer room and learn either French or Arabic (we have chosen Arabic).

We have been for a visit and she was very excited with all the toys and alsothe teddy bear and uniform ( very cute teddy bear tshirts) she was given when we enrolled her. We have already had to buy her a lunch box and she keeps asking me when we can go shopping for her school bag. The little girl opposite us is going to start there the same day so the 2 of them are very excited.

The nursery/school is located out near Lachie’s so Sue (lady oppossite us)  will continue to take the boys (Lachie and her son are in the same grade) and now the girls to school and I will pick them all up so it works out great and we both only have to do the 1 trip a day.

Although there are days Charlotte drives me crazy usually she is my little shadow and chats away and keeps me amused all day! I will miss her but the socialisation will be wonderful for her as will the brain stimulation, Lachie taught her all the sounds but she has taught herself to sound out and read 3 and 4 letter words.  She has also recently discovered she can count to 100 so does that about 20 times a day (back to driving me crazy!)


Will post photos on her first day!


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