Long Weekend

I love long weekends! Unfortunately most of them here are in the second half of the year but we scored one this weekend for the prophets birthday. It was a busy weekend with a farewell party (friends who were made redundant), a birthday party and then the family bowl off.

5 families in our street (13 kids under the age of 7…it’s sounding fun already isn’t it) headed to one of the bowling alleys for a family bowl off. We were organised enough to book but didn’t realise the alley we went to doesn’t have bumpers on every lane and the lanes reserved for us didn’t have any… beginners mistake!

It was the first time Lachie and Charlotte have been bowling and they had a ball. Even without the bumpers Lachie managed to get a strike which he was very proud of. I helped my kids self esteem by doing worse then them while Clint battled it out in fun with some of the other Dads. The balls were to heavy for Charlotte but she developed her own distinct bowling style as seen in the photo below…

After we got home and put all the very tired but excited kids in bed (Lachie went to sleep counting bowling scores…. if I got a strike and 2 nines and then a 5 I would have….) it was the parents turn to enjoy themselves out on the street as has become the weekend norm.


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