A very long weekend!

While last weekend was actually a long one with a  public holiday, this past weekend has seemed so much longer… and not in a good way!

About 10 days ago a big sand storm came through, the following morning Charlotte woke up with conjunctivitis. We were told this happens heaps with the sand so gave her some drops and it cleared. Then a cough appeared that slowly got worse. Off to the doctor to be told she had bronchitis, 5 days and a zillion drugs later she seemed to be getting worse not better so last Thursday off to a different Doctor who sent her for  x-rays and blood tests (that was an ordeal) and then told us she had atypical (she always has to be different) pneumonia. So I left the doctor with a sick whinny girl and a million new drugs and headed home, on the way home my neighbour called to say she had picked Lachie up from school and he was sick with a fever.

So Thursday night and Friday was spent with Charlotte struggling for air and on drugs and Lachs with a fever and vomiting… fun fun.

But Saturday was better, both the kids were improving and I got to spend the day at a spa (Christmas present from Clint). It was amazing and I felt very rejuvenated, it couldn’t have come at a better time!

And today we got more good news… Charlotte has a place for next year (school year starting in September) at Lachie’s school… hooray!


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