New Photos of Charlotte


I can’t believe my baby girl is nearly 3… mind you most days she acts like she is nearly 13!

She still has to pick out all her own clothes and hairbands each morning and also thinks she should get to choose my accessories as well. She takes great pride in selecting which necklaces and shoes she thinks I should wear.

She spends her days playing with her dolls house and toys and I love listening to her making up these amazing stories as she does her role play. Her imagination is fantastic! She is convinced she can read and reads countless stories to herself or sits with Lachies old alphabet cards making 3/4 letter words and sounding them out (amazingly she gets most of them right). Another favourite at the moment is putting the washing away- I am encouraging this one! She loves to take everything off the line and sort it in piles then put it in the drawers and cupboards leaving me the things she can’t reach to do. of course I am not allowed to help so putting a load of washing away can take 30 mins but at least I don’t have to do it!!

Where has the last 3 years gone?


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