Charlotte starts school!

Sunday saw little miss off to school for the first time. She and  Claire, the little girl across the road, started together and will go 3 days a week 8am till 2pm at the American teddy bear nursery. It is near Lachies school so Sue (Claire’s Mum) will drop the girls at school after dropping the boys (Lachie and Claires brother Jack who is in fs2 with Lachs) then I pick them all up.

Sunday she went off happily in her new school shirt and had a good day. Monday she then announced she ‘didn’t want to go cause it is not a real school. They don’t get homework and they are not learning to read! She can be very stubborn but Sue got her in and she was playing happily when I went to pick her up.

It will be good for her as come September she is off to school 5 days a week in the equivalent of prep.


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