Quick Update

It has been a crazy couple of weeks over here! A few months ago there was a change in our housing allowance, as we wanted to stay with all the friends we have made we first thought we would stay in the same compound and move to a 2 bedroom villa instead. However as all the companies passed on the changes a group of us decided to move out together. Clint told them our plans at work one Thursday and they said not a problem but you need to move out by next week as the empty villas go back to the owner then. hmmm We dealt with that but then on the Sunday were told we could stay for a month and they would move other people around. All good…. then Clint was told Thursday afternoon we needed to move out the next day or stay for 12 months at the price way over our allowance! So last weekend we moved into temporary accommodation- we are still in the same street but only have unpacked a couple of things, the rest is in boxes as we can only stay here for 3 weeks anyway. So my days are currently filled looking for villas with the other ladies. Mind you with no TV, Internet and all my books in boxes I have a very clean house and lots of time!!!

Charlotte has settled well into school and now loves her school days and her teacher.  Although she has told me it would be more fun if she and I went shopping instead of to school!

Lachie can’t get enough of school and bounds out of the house in the morning. He is still doing karate once a week and we are now swimming lots again which is nice. When we move (actually out of the street) he will miss his friend Jasmine as the 2 spend every waking moment outside of school together. But we will have lots of play dates!

It was Clint’s birthday earlier this week and he managed to have lunch with 2 other guys who share his birthday! Last week also saw the boys head off to the one day international day night cricket match here. The boys decked out in the green and gold complete with traditional head dress, I think it was the first time for them all to attend a dry cricket match! Luckily Australia one.  Now he has his new bike he is staring to train again, he is aiming for the London triathlon in July while the kids and I are in Australia.

At present my days are filled with looking for villas and borrowing peoples Internet and of course lots of gossiping and laughs with the girls. We get the paper delivered each day and that also provides loads of entertainment! Yesterday we learnt that girls in Saudi Arabia can’t play sport cause it may cause them to loose their virginity! Also at the moment they are trying to stop the speeding with 40 new speed cameras, however the set the cameras at 160km/hr, so you only get booked if you are doing at least 60km over the limit…. yep that should fix the problem!

We are still enjoying it over here, despite the current accommodation headache. We are looking forward to coming to Australia in July/August to see everyone and escape the heat. Today is a balmy 46 degrees and we haven’t got to summer yet!


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