Summer has hit!

Well apparentlywe are not actually in Summer until tomorrow but I beg to differ. Last week the temperatures started hitting the good old 50 degree mark and the daytime heat is really oppressive. Luckily everything is air-conditioned and if you can avoid going outside (darn having to pick the kids up from school) during the middle of the day it is bearable… especially knowing that it isn’t too long until the kids and I escape to Australia for the worst of it!

We are finally settled into our new place. We have left Sea Shore villas and are now living in another similar expat community development. We have a 3 level townhouse. The kitchen/lounge/dining is on the first floor, second floor has the 2 kids rooms, their bathroom and a landing that doubles as a play room and the top floor is ours. We have our bedroom, bathroom and study up there. It is quite spacious and better designed then where we were. There is no pool though so we are still visiting the old place a few times a week for the kids to play with the friends still their and to go swimming. The kids are happy with the new place, it is closer to school for them both and we bought a trampoline for them so they are loving that!

Not long now till we head to Australia and we are looking forward to catching up with everyone!


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