Lachie turns 5!!!

June 16, 2009

Lachie turned 5 last Friday, and as that’s the weekend here in the UAE we were able to have his party and celebrate on the actual day.

He was able to open his presents in the morning and the joy on his face with each gift was priceless, he was just so excited. His got a keyboard, lego, board games, clothes, knex, books and a dinosaur thing.  He spent the morning playing plus talking to friends and family on the phone/computer. Although after telling everyone the same thing, by the end of the day the conversations were very short! My apologies to those who scored the short answers!

With the weather over here the party had to be somewhere inside so he chose to go bowling with 18 friends (20 all up with Charlotte and the birthday boy). He had an absolute ball, as did all the kids. And I enjoyed it too as all we had to do was make the cake and turn up. No cooking and cleaning… my sort of party!

He chose a pirate cake and to go with the bowling theme we found tenpin and a bowling ball candles, Clint decorated the cake and it was a hit with the kids. I think a few parents wanted to put orders in for their next party.

After the party we spent the afternoon at home where he opened the presents from his party and spent the afternoon playing with them. we headed out again in the evening as we had a farewell party to go to so by the time the kids got to bed late that night, there were both way overtired but had had a great day.

I wasn’t forgotten and enjoyed my birthday as well with a surprise cake at the farewell party!


A few photos

June 16, 2009

Okay so I have been rather slack of late but I have a good excuse.  We have moved house and it is 50 degrees here most days!

Here are a few photos from the last month so you can remember what we look like!

1. The boys off to the cricket in their Aussie head dress- the first dry cricket match for them all! Luckily Australia won!

2. Charlotte with her best friend Claire

3. Lachie and his best friend Jasmine

4. Charlotte on her way to yet another party