End of Summer… well holidays anyway!

It is crazy to think it is already September, Lachie is about to start grade one and Charlotte will join him at ‘big’ school in FS1. They are both looking forward to it… probably not quite as much as I am some days!

The kids and I have just returned from 8 weeks in Australia with Clint joining us for the last 10 days. The flight to Brisbane was pretty good. I have to admit the thought of flying 17 hours (21 hours travel time) by myself with the 2 kids was a little daunting at first. Especially as poor Lachie gets travel sick, but he is a champion vomiter (better not be a bulimic in training), he tells me he feels ill, vomits in the bag, wipes his mouth and is all good again! The kids were great, didn’t whinge about carrying their bags and slept from Singapore to Brisbane. Mum and Dad were there to meet us at the airport, not sure who was more excited; them or the kids.

We invaded Mum and Dads house for the 8 weeks, apart from 2 trips to Campwin Beach to see Clint’s family. My sister Jacqueline was also in Brisbane for a couple of weeks as it was also summer holidays in Japan, her 3 children and mine had a lovely time together playing through numerous parks in Brisbane and inventing all kinds of games.

We also caught up with lots of other friends and family and were able to meet a few babies born in our absence. Between catching up, a weekend at the Gold Coast and shopping the time went all too fast and before we knew it Clint was on his way over for the last 10 days.

Clint missed the kids for the first 6 and a half weeks, thank goodness for skype! But he was kept busy with work and he raced the London triathlon the first weekend in July so a quick trip to the UK broke the time up nicely.  He also had a mate visit for a week- followed by a week of liver detox!

The flight back was alot easier then going over. Not only was Clint there but 2 friends and their kids were also on the same flight. One family seated directly behind us and the other 3 rows in front so the kids were easily occupied. We arrived at midnight to a balmy 35 degrees, and it was lovely to get home and crawl into our own beds. The kids had a great sleep and although tired yesterday afternoon no real jet-lag.

Clint went back to work today, he doesn’t really feel as if he has had a break as the 10 days he was there we did lots of running around. But not long till Eid so we can relax then! The kids don’t start school till Sunday so we have a few days around the house. They are easily amused as they have had 2 months without all their toys. We are heading back to seashore villas (where we use to live) this afternoon for a play and a swim. Hopefully the 8 weeks break hasn’t affected their swimming ability!

I am now the proud owner of an apple mac book pro. So as soon as I work out how to download the photos I will add some of our holidays!


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