To Eid or not to Eid

We have been  (and still are) in the holly month of Ramadan. Which is a little like lent for Muslims but they take it seriously. They fast between sunrise and sunset… yep no food or drink in this heat- I wish I had that kind of willpower! I do feel for the poor labourers though who still work outside in the sun all day. It also means a million more road accidents early in the morning as most of the drivers have been up all night and just before sunset as they all hurry to be at home for the breaking of the fast. So it’s best to avoid the roads at those times.

It is slightly like living in a parallel universe to the locals for the month. They are up eating and shopping (yep shops are open till 2am for the month) all night and then sleep for most of the day. While we obviously stick to our normal routine. It makes grocery shopping after school drop off wonderful as there is hardly anyone there! School and work hours are also reduced so in theory (although it hasn’t really happened that many times) Clint should be home early afternoon.

However, unlike the Christian Easter that follows lent where you can look up the dates for the next 50 years. Eid (which follows Ramadan) is also set by the moon but not by a mathematical equation. Nope the wise men somewhere over here watch the moon till its right one night, then they spread the word and Eid begins.

Clint gets 2 days off for Eid (public holidays) and the kids get 3, we were hoping to go away but without set dates it makes it rather hard to book anywhere! has a very real meaning in this country! Looks like it should fall next week sometime so we shall see….


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