Spare time????

On Saturday night as I checked the kids stuff was ready for school (feel free to think I was ironing, polishing shoes, baking etc …for those that know me better you will realise this was a mental checklist done on the lounge while eating icecream) anyway- I realised with both my angels at school I would have time to finally get all those little things done that I keep meaning to do.

So I made a list (mental again) of all the things I planed on doing such as going to the gym every day, getting up to date with their photo albums, exploring different areas (ok shops and souks) of Abu Dhabi, lots of little things around the house and so on. Now as their first full week draws to a close, what have I done??

Sunday- went to coffee with the Mums from Lachies class

Monday- made it to the gym!!! Then looked for holiday spots on the internet

Tuesday- grocery shopping (my least favourite thing to do but they insist on eating)

Wednesday- Another coffee morning followed by a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow wax

Thursday (today)- Gym, followed by morning tea with some new friends in Raha.

So much for all my free time:)

Eid holidays have been announced and we are off to Fujariah (one of the Emirates) for a couple of nights, looking forward to it!


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