Party, party, party…

We have only been back a few weeks and already the kids social calendars are filled with parties! Meaning our weekends are also filled with parties, Charlotte is too young to leave by herself yet, not to mention still terrified of clowns. And not many parties are held at home so we  stay with Lachs at the party places as the toilets and things are always outside in the general area, and while the staff are usually lovely, close supervision isn’t a strong point.

Last weekend they had a party and this weekend we had Jasmines 5th, Claire’s 4th and Jacks 6th. Of course the kids love it and have a wonderful time, and I enjoy the catch up with the other parents. Jasmine’s was bowling (Charlotte very proud of her first strike) and Jack and Claire’s was at a party/play centre. They loved the rides, Charlotte’s favourite was the rollercoaster and Lachie loved the “crazy cars” (strapped into a car that goes round while going up, down and jerking sideways), Charlotte came off that one saying it was fun but a little bit scary.

While I have had enough cake and party games to last quite sometime, Lachs is off to another party Monday night- yes you read that correctly, Monday night with school the next day! But it’s fairly normal here for the locals to have late evening parties as they tend to sleep in the afternoon after school and then stay up late. It is one of Lachie’s good friends so I said he could go as long as Clint could be home so I don’t have to take Charlotte too (she just wouldnt cope with the late night) and that we would have to leave early cause otherwise we won’t get home till 8:30 and thats late for him on a school night…. so I guess I will be singing Happy Birthday one more time !


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