Trick or Treat!

The lead up to Halloween last year was very low as key as the children really had no idea what it was all about! However this year they have been counting down the days for weeks. Although I am fairly sure they don’t fully understand the traditions involved and are only in it for the candy! They chose their costumes early- Lachs as a wizard (you would think this would be an easy costume to find….. but it was a nightmare, luckily we found one in Dubai last weekend) and Charlotte as Mariposa (a Barbie fairy for those of you without young girls)! I was a witch and Clint went to the grand Prix for the afternoon.

The kids were so excited all day and couldn’t wait to get started. There were kids out everywhere, and the atmosphere around the compound was fantastic, there are about 400 villas in our area of the compound so there were plenty of houses to visit. But after about 90 mins the kids were done, they had enough candy and chocolate to feed an army and were getting tired of walking! (the house here are more spaced out then our previous compound).

After the trick or treating we headed to one of the common areas for some more fun. About 50 families got together for a bbq and some Halloween games for the kids. It was a great evening but an early finish as the kids all had school the next day.

Halloween is definitely one of the things the children will miss when we eventually move on!


Photos of my little wizard and Mariposa ready for trick and treat plus at the bbq afterwards. The kids loved the party games, especially turning their friends into Mummies with toilet paper.



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