The dolphins

Saturday saw another family trip to Dubai, this time to check out the dolphinarium. The kids were very excited and have been wanting to go since they saw it on tv a few weeks ago. The dolphinarium is inside the children’s park, which we had never been to before but it was very impressive. It is on the water, huge grassed areas, lots of play equipment etc. There was also a children’s museum- looked a bit like the QLD Science Museum that we will go back and visit another day.

Clint and I were both fairly skeptical before  the dolphin and seal show, but I have to say it was pretty good. Went for just over an hour, although in some sections the compares seemed to be doing a bit of stretching. It is indoors (no surprises in this country) which was great for the atmosphere and you got to be so much closer to the animals then places like Seaworld.

Lachie enjoyed it but Charlotte was absolutely mesmerised, she had a huge grin on her face the entire time and kept saying it was ‘awesome’. Although when it was time to say goodbye to the dolphins the tears ran down her cheeks and she was sobbing as she didn’t want the dolphins to go!


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