2010… an update!

Goodness, just logged on and realised how long it has been since I posted last!  Mind you we haven’t had internet the last week since we have been back… apparently it helps when you pay the bill! So thought I’d do an update however I can’t even remember how we filled the first few weeks of December. I do remember them being busy with national day and Eid (meaning a week off school) plus lots of pre-xmas get togethers.

We flew out to Australia for 3 weeks over Xmas. The first week we spent in Brisbane at Mum and Dads, the week flew by with lots of catch ups, meeting new additions and doing lots of Xmas shopping.

The second week we flew to Campwin beach for a week with Clint’s family. The kids had so much fun with their cousins and extended family. Lala and Brigitte (6 months older) were inseparable and it was lovely to watch them together playing dolls, pony’s and dancing to fairies. The weather was perfect and we spent every afternoon at the beach, Lachs learnt to boogie board while Charlotte perfected her sand castle-building technique. Going out on Poppy’s boat was also a hit, we were not too sure how they would go being towed on the biscuit but once they had one go they were wanting to go faster and faster. All the kids were sooooo excited Xmas Eve, it was hilarious watching them run off to bed because santa was coming (fairly sure it was a virgin plane but whatever got them all to bed early!). The next morning they were awake early checking out the marks Santa’s sleigh and boots left on the grass outside. Lachie discovered why santa is fat… he ate the biscuits but only half of the apple they left out for him! Lachie and Lala were spoilt rotten and had a fantastic Xmas day! It was a wonderfully relaxing week but with way too much food and drink!

The final week we were back in Brisbane again. Both my sisters had flown in as well, the first time we have all been together for a couple of years so that was brilliant. The weather was overcast and we got a fair bit of rain, mainly at night, which we loved being from the desert but for Fiona and Jacqueline who had escaped the snow hoping for hot sunny days it was a bit of a disappointment! Again the kids had lots of fun with their cousins, running riot in numerous parks across Brisbane, although according to Charlotte cousin Lucy (17 months old) isn’t very much fun! No doubt once she starts talking or develops an interest in My Little Pony’s Charlotte will change her mind!  Mum and Dad also looked after Lachs and Charlotte one night giving Clint and I a chance to go out for dinner and a movie which we enjoyed.

We had a great trip, I love seeing the kids spend time with their extended family, they have such a special bond with them and I am so glad moving across the world hasn’t changed that. unfortunately the time flew way to fast and we were not able to see everyone we had hoped to catch up with but thats always the way especially at that time of the year. We flew out on the 2nd of January, landing a whole 8 hours before school started… so I thought I’d give them the day off- aren’t I nice! They were both happy to spend the day chilling out, no doubt just glad to be home and were not impressed when we had to go grocery shopping… but they insist on eating.

We have been back for just over a week, Lachie and Lala are both back into the school routine. Charlotte has started swimming at school this term, again growing up before my eyes in the school swimming togs. Last weekend we had friends from Brisbane passing through so Clint spent saturday showing them around abu Dhabi, it was great having them here but we need a bigger house, especially with so much family planning on visiting this year.

Some holiday photos…


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