End of January

Wow… how quickly time flies as the first month of 2010 draws to an end. But life here is all good, although it seems that winter occurred during the 3 weeks we were in Australia! That said the weather here is fantastic at the moment, highs round 30 degrees so we are spending lots of time out and about and I have been able to walk with some of the Mums from school in the mornings instead of going to the gym. Unfortunately this lovely weather will pass and in a month or 2 it will be too hot for that so then I will (in theory) hit the gym.

Clint is currently working out of Sharjah (one of the other Emirates) and trying to get into a routine that allows him to see the family, train for Ironman and not have to drive the 2 hours each way every day.  At present he is driving there and back on Sunday, up again Monday morning, staying overnight then back home Tuesday night. Driving up again Wednesday morning, staying the night and back on Thursday… so far it seems to be working but we will see how he goes. He completed his first marathon (well he did one as part of Ironman but his first single one) he was happy with his time but not the nutrition he had during the race, so that is something else for him to play with before July.

Last week I went on the year one excursion to the Dubai Aquarium, the children all had a lovely day… although I had forgotten how noisy a bus full 5 year olds can be! Next week I am off on the FS1 trip with Charlotte’s class to a farm which should be lots of fun and just as noisy!

The other big news is that we are moving again. Having moved house 5 times in 11 months (July 08- May 09) it shouldn’t be too stressful! We are moving into a 5 bedroom villa about 10 mins away from where we currently are. There are 8 five bedroom villas (plus a couple of 2 and 3 bedrooms) in the compound and 4 other families from our first compound at Seashore villas are moving there with us, as well as another family with a boy in  Lachie’s year at school. We don’t have a move date yet but should be all in and settled before the first of our visitors (Clint’s Mum and Hans) arrive in May. But until then it’s time to organise packers, movers and the moving of all our utilities… that should keep me busy!


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