The things they do…

My children are a constant source of amusement (and joy of course). This week has been no exception… my favourites

Charlotte ws upstairs and I called out to her but got no response. So I called out again and asked ‘can’t you hear me?”  To which my little princess responds “Mummy I can always hear you but sometimes I just don’t listen.”

On Thursday Lachs was the only one in his swimming class when the lesson started so his new teacher asked him to swim to the other end doing his crawl. So off he went and it honestly looked like he was drowning, his teacher looked on in disbelief and I am sure she was wondering what he was doing in that swimming level. After half a lap it dawned on me he was actually trying to crawl… hand and feet on the bottom of the pool. I probably should have gone and said something but I was far to busy laughing. Once he eventually got to the other end, I had to go up and explain to the British teacher that he only knows ‘crawl’ as freestyle! She also got a good laugh out of it.


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