Never say never…

I swore I would never do it… but after a whole 17 months of resisting (strong aren’t I) we have a full-time maid. I realise how indulgent that sounds and believe me it is! But once we did our sums, we were paying more for part-time cleaners and the odd night of babysitting then we will pay to have someone live with us full-time, do all the housework (hooray) and be available when needed for Clint and I to spend some more time together.

We weren’t going to have one start until we moved into the new villa at the end of February, but friends of ours introduced us to a friend of their maids and it just worked out, so last weekend Marie moved in.  She is from the Philippines, has 2 boys age 6 and 9 back at home and has worked as a maid here and in Hong Kong.  She is absolutely lovely.

Lachie and Charlotte took to her straight away, it has taken me a few days to get use to having someone else in the house who does everything for you. But it was so lovely to return from our trip today to a clean house and then have someone unpack the bags and do all the washing.

So how will I spend all my spare time??? Lots of coffee mornings, manicures and shopping!!! No just kidding- hopefully lots more quality time with the children and I have just started studying my TESOL certificate. Once I have finished that one there are another couple of courses I would like to do as well to keep me busy and give me more options for when I return to work one day.


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  1. GMassive says:

    Please don’t beat her….

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