Sports Day

Last Wednesday was the year 1/2 sports day at Lachie’s school. It was amusing to see him so excited considering he didn’t really understand what it was having never had one before. I have to say as a parent/ teacher I was very impressed.

The children came out in their house teams, led by some of the year 10 students… posed for the required parent paparazzi then got into it. They were in groups of 6 or 7 students each with a year 10 ‘leader’, they then spent the morning moving from one activity to another on the field (not an oval according to the British). The variety of activities and the equipment the school has is amazing- it was also good to see the children knew what to do at each station so they have obviously been using all the stuff in their lessons. All the equipment was age appropriate, I didn’t even know you could buy most of the stuff- mind you it has been awhile since I’ve had to flip through the school supply catalogues spending other peoples money!

Lachie’s favourite activity was javelin but he also did golf, hockey, basketball, skipping, running, obstacle course, shot put, high jump, long jump, leader ball, softball, soccer, cricket and a heap of other games/activities. It was a great morning and nice to see him having a go at everything and how much his co-ordination¬†has improved.


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