Moved… again!

Last Wednesday saw us on the move again, yep for the 6th time since June 08 we moved house.  We have moved to Mohammed Bin Zayed City (still in Abu Dhabi) , it is only about 15 mins from where we were in Raha Gardens but we were able to get a 5 bedroom villa with a shared pool for less then we were paying for a 3 bedroom… crazy isn’t it! We have moved with 4 other families whom we lived with at Seashore Villa so the kids are thrilled to be living so close to all their friends again, and I am happy to have someone to share the pickup/drop offs with.

Luckily, unlike Australia, moving is fairly easy. We even changed days with about 4 days notice with no worries at all. The company send about 13 men, they pack, move and unpack the entire house in a day. Obviously not everything ends up where you want it but it is definitely livable the same day and then it only takes a few days to reorganise the cupboards and things (even quicker with our lovely helper Marie)!

This weekend Clint has the lovely job of putting the pictures and things on the walls then we are all good. Our postal po box is still the same (Clint’s work) but now we have a 5 bedroom house for you all to come and visit!


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