Abu Dhabi Triathlon

Clint finishes 8 hours 52 mins!!! (time set for the Elites)

The inaugural Abu Dhabi International Triathlon was held here (obviously) on the weekend. There were team relays, a short course (1k/100k/10k) and Clint did the long course which was…

3 km swim in the lagoon off Emirates Palace

200 km cycle from the Palace, out to Saadiyat island and around the Yas Marina Circuit (formula 1 track)

20 km run along the Corniche out to the heritage village and back.

Clint had a great race, and was (according to him) a perfect training race in the lead up to the Frankfurt Ironman in July, he particularly enjoyed riding on the F1 race track! The kids and I missed the swim (sleeping took preference) but were there to see him finish the bike and do his run. He finished in 8 hours and 52 minutes so was thrilled with his time.

Clint and Matt (both doing Frankfurt Ironman)

Coming in off the bike

Off for the run.

Go Daddy!!


One Response to Abu Dhabi Triathlon

  1. jacqueline says:

    well done CJ! Luckily those floods had cleared or you might have had to swim the whole thing 🙂

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