The New Villa

Ours is the one on the left

Okay so it has taken me nearly a month… but here are some photos of the new villa. It has 5 bedrooms- Us, Lachie, Lala, Spare (so you can all come and stay) plus a training room. Each bedroom has its own ensuite so when you include Marie’s room (all houses have a maids room) and the downstairs bathroom there are 7 toilets!! Thank goodness I don’t have to clean them all:)

Upstairs has 4 bedrooms, a small kitchen (which will never be used now or oven has arrived) and a landing at the top of the stairs we have turned into a playroom. Downstairs is the entry (funny that), lounge, kitchen, study area, training room, Marie’s room, big store room and a visitor washroom.


Oops a bit dark, but you can see the dining table leading into the lounge


Bedroom 5... the training room

Apparently a plasma makes you ride faster!


Pool- has another circle section at the other end


One Response to The New Villa

  1. Clint says:

    How good is that training room??

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