Happy Birthday Princess

April 21, 2010

It’s hard to believe our little Princess is now four years old… where have the years gone?

Lala of course was very excited about her birthday and started counting down the days after the easter bunny visited! She thought it was hilarious when she had 4 days left till she was 4 followed by 3 days left of being 3!

Charlotte’s birthday fell on a Saturday and the last day of the school holidays, she started the day with family presents and in the wonderful age of technology Great Grandma was able to watch her open and play with her presents which was lovely.  Lachie was just as excited about each of her presents as she was.

Birthdays in the age of technology... playing with her toy from Great Grandma while Great Grandma watches.

Very proud of her new bike.

Opening presents

After opening presents they enjoyed the special breakfast of waffles Lala chose before getting ready for her party.

With the charming weather already hitting over 40 degrees each day we opted for an inside party at a local play centre. The kids all had a ball, and Clint and I enjoyed not having to do any of the cleaning up!

Master chef at work the day before the party

Party time!!

Cake... pinky pie from My Little Pony

Cake close up

and again...

finally silence... only because they were all eating!

Cake with her specially chosen pony candles

Make a wish princess...

The inside of the cake was rainbow.

Charlotte had a fantastic day and enjoyed being spoilt with gifts and wishes from family and friends… thank you all!

After the party... more present opening.

Riding the F1 track

April 7, 2010

The Yas Island Marina Circuit opened last November for the formula one grand prix, it looks pretty impressive, especially under lights.

Clint has seen the track in action at both the formula 1 and V8 supercars and the track formed part of the 200km bike course of the triathlon he did a couple of weeks ago. The owners of the track aim to have it used 300 times a year with various competitive and community events, as part of this  they have opened the track free for cyclists on Tuesday evenings.

Last night Lachie heading out with Clint to ride the track – not much training for Clint but lots of quality father/son time. Charlotte is now desperate to get her training wheels off so she can go too!

Happy Easter!

April 5, 2010

We have just put 2 very tired (and chocolate filled) children to bed. They are absolutely exhausted but have had a wonderful and exciting day.

The Easter bunny visited last night, leaving lots of plastic eggs filled with treats around the house. Lachs was awake just before 7 and we had to wake Charlotte up to join in the fun.

Lachs starts his egg hunt... Lala still waking up!

Look what the Easter Bunny left...

They spent the day playing as they are on school holidays before heading over to Seashore Villas where we first lived for more fun… an egg hunt, party food, games and way to much chocolate and sugar!

Charlotte's egg masterpiece

Painting their eggs

Lachie painting his egg, the tongue is always out when he is concentrating.

Off on the egg hunt

Hope the Easter Bunny found you all!