Happy Easter!

We have just put 2 very tired (and chocolate filled) children to bed. They are absolutely exhausted but have had a wonderful and exciting day.

The Easter bunny visited last night, leaving lots of plastic eggs filled with treats around the house. Lachs was awake just before 7 and we had to wake Charlotte up to join in the fun.

Lachs starts his egg hunt... Lala still waking up!

Look what the Easter Bunny left...

They spent the day playing as they are on school holidays before heading over to Seashore Villas where we first lived for more fun… an egg hunt, party food, games and way to much chocolate and sugar!

Charlotte's egg masterpiece

Painting their eggs

Lachie painting his egg, the tongue is always out when he is concentrating.

Off on the egg hunt

Hope the Easter Bunny found you all!


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