Some new photos…

May 20, 2010

Yes that is 50 degrees and it isn't even summer yet!!

Ready for gymnastics

floor work

La's favorite part

Swimming lessons- there are worse places to spend an hour on Wednesdays!

Lachs in the monkey puzzle- year one show

Ashley and Lachie after their turn on stage

Lala gets a spare

Not one for hiding his emotions... do you think he is happy with his result??

Me and my boy

Charlotte and Grandma (Clint's Mum)

Abu Dhabi from the tower at Marina Mall

What there's a view???


What have we been doing?

May 16, 2010

I have just realised it has been nearly a month since I last posted, time goes far to quickly! To be honest we havent been doing anything too exciting, yet the days and weekends always seem busy. Clint ‘s Mum (Denise) and Hans arrived last week for a two-week visit I will post some photos of their time here in the next week or so. Unfortunately this past weekend we all (minus Denise so far) managed to catch a lovely 24 hour virus that’s doing the rounds and hitting our compound hard. Lachs had Wednesday and Thursday off school with it (all good for the weekend – smart boy) but then Clint, Lala and I got it Thursday night. We have managed never to have the whole family catch anything before (touch wood it doesn’t happen again) and it wasn’t very pleasant. We all got better, then Hans had it Saturday. But it seems (fingers and everything else crossed) it’s all gone now- kids are both at school, Clint’s at work and Denise and Hans have gone to Dubai for the night.

So what else is new…

Charlotte now does gymnastics once a week which she really enjoys. She was a bit unsure of the uneven bars at first but enjoys swinging round on them now… her favourite is the beam (I actually think she just enjoys being able to jump off the end ). They do a little floor, bars, beam and vault/horse work each week. She continues to do swimming lessons once a week and we have moved them to one of the hotels, the Shangra-la, there are less children in the lessons and they go for an hour, and I get to relax on a sun lounge as opposed to a concrete step… everyone’s a winner! I still find it hard to believe some days that she is at full-time school, but them other days it is hard to remember when she wasn’t. She is reading confidently now and loves doing her home reader each afternoon. She seems to enjoy all aspects of school, although she isn’t to fond of the chasing games in PE. Her imagination seems to get the better of her after a few minutes and she decided the tiger/monkey/crocodile (whatever the game) is real and doesn’t want to have anything to do with it!

Lachies new love (well he has always enjoyed it) is cooking. He recently completed some kids cooking classes and is waiting for them to start again. He was able to make the family chicken and sweetcorn pies for dinner and was very proud of himself, as were we- Clint could only master nachos when he finished uni! He is still doing swimming lessons as well- they seem to do a little of each stroke over here at once rather than working on just one which I find a bit weird but he is getting better so that’s all good. He still loves school he has a lovely teacher and I am constantly amazed at what they are learning. Two weeks ago for homework he had to “Write his own instructions for how to make fruit salad using imperative verbs, time conjunctions and correct punctuation.”  This week he has to “find the missing numbers using the inverse calculation”. It all seems so advanced but he is able to do it… I just hope with all the amazing stuff they are doing, they are also covering all the basics and not leaving any ‘holes’! It is hard to believe that next month our little man will be six, he has changed again in his appearance, has shot up again (funny how they keep growing) but is also getting a longer and thinner face… and still as handsome as ever (a completely unbiased opinion that one).

Clint continues to work hard travelling to Sharjah every day, which is a bit of a hike but hopefully wont be for too much longer. He is stepping up the training for Ironman and hopefully there wont be any volcanic ash upsetting our travel plans for the race in Frankfurt in July.

I have just finished my TESOL course and am now embarking on another course, got to keep the brain active! So filling my days with study as well as (according to Clint) the requisite coffee mornings, lunches and nail appointments.

In all, life here is good, although the temperature is already over 40 degrees daily and it isn’t summer yet! However we must have adjusted at some stage as last week at school one morning we were commenting on what a nice cool day it was yet it was 35 degrees and only 8 o’clock in the morning! But don’t let the weather put you off, we have lots of room for visitors!

I will put some new photos on soon 🙂