Half Term

Last week saw the children off school for 3 days as it was half term, great timing as it coincided with 2 lots of Grandparents being here.

On the Friday we headed to Al Ain (town that straddles the border of the U.A.E and Oman, about 140km away) so Denise and Hans could have a look. Lachie had been wanting to see the dinosaurs at the zoo and Charlotte wanted to see the white lion cubs. First we headed up to Jebel Hafeet which is the countries highest mountain… anyone want to spend the day here?

not my idea of a fun park!

Then we headed into the Al Ain zoo, it was about 4pm but still round 48 degrees… sounds pleasant doesn’t it? Lachie had been wanting to see the dinosaurs- a display currently on loan from the San Diego Zoo that consists of life-size robotic dinosaurs. Both kids were all eager following the signs through the zoo to the dinosaurs and all smiles heading in…

My favourite dinosaurs

then Charlotte heard the dinosaurs roar and that was enough for her (my brave animal warrior). Lachie loved it, and I have to say the robots were very impressive; mind you the one of a dinosaur ripping another apart, complete with noises, I could have done without; but the one of the eggs hatching made up for it. The way they moved their heads, limbs and eyes were amazing, as were the sound effects. Charlotte kept wanting to leave and had to be carried most of the way round, every time she started getting brave another one would roar or move its head and look at her and she would freak out again.

Lala not so keen

She was quite relieved when we got to the end, it took her a couple of minutes to realise this one wasn’t going to move before she would brave a photo.

After the dinosaurs we headed to see some animals more to Charlotte’s liking… small and caged!

Charlotte had been wanting to see the white lion cubs every since they were born… however it has taken us awhile and they were not so little anymore.

the white lion "cubs"

Despite the heat, the kids had fun seeing all the animals. Especially the zebras, giraffes and rhinos as they headed to the water holes on dusk.

Saturday saw us drive in the other direction to Dubai so the kids could take Denise and Hans to ski Dubai- and to give them quality Grandparent time, Clint and I stayed outside and enjoyed the shops without kids in tow.

Lachs ready to go down

The kids loved going again and this time charlotte braved all the rides, but 2 hours was definitely enough.


Kids and Denise

After such a big weekend I think Clint was glad to head back to work on Sunday. Lachs had a lazy day at home but Lala had to go to the doctors for  follow-up appointment and then gymnastics… so no rest for her.

breathing is so over-rated!

Denise and Hans flew out Monday morning and the kids and I drove to Dubai to see my parents who stopped in for the day on their way to Europe. The kids were both so excited to see Mama and Papa… me too as I got my supply of cherry ripes 🙂

Tuesday Lachie had a party at the palace. He has the Sheikhs granddaughter (one of)  in his class and she had the whole class over. As we drove into the grounds (past the armoured guards and tank) Lachie wanted to know which house was hers, the look on his face when I said “all of them” was priceless. As you can imagine the grounds etc were amazing, we only got to go to the pool house but that was an experience in itself. All the kids had so much fun- how could you not with 3 inside pools, a million inflatable toys, amazing food and a mini ice-cream pallor. Of course there was the party bags at the end- complete with beach towel, goggles, inflatable pool toys, beach ball… how the other half lives!

It was a very busy few days, I was glad to drop them at school on Wednesday morning! Only 5 weeks left of the school year, then a long hot summer awaits.


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  1. jacqueline says:

    those dinosaurs look great – sam would’ve loved it also!

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