So proud…

Very proud of our little man, his poem he wrote all by himself at school this week, was published in the school newsletter. They had to write a number poem about toys… here is his masterpiece:

The Number Toys Poem by Lachlan Theil Year 1 The Sparrows

One glittering, shiny sparkly gold car,

I hope it doesn’t zoom to to far!

Two fast brown zooming teddy bears,

running up the stairs.

Three giant bakugans,

getting blown by a great big fan.

Four great sparkly trains,

full of yummy candy canes!

Five big board games,

I wonder what are their names?

Six big swimming pools,

and they look very cool!

Seven girly dolls,

I hope none of them fall in holes!

Eight long skipping ropes,

I hope everybody copes!

Nine mermaids,

playing a game of charades!

Ten hula hoops,

making a lot of loops


One Response to So proud…

  1. jacqueline says:

    impressive poem! well done Lachie

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