Lachie turns 6!

Like all kids, Lachie loves his birthday! He counts down the days and spends a lot of time agonizing over his choice of cake. However being born on the same day, every time he has a birthday it makes me feel OLD!

This year I got to celebrate my birthday with a Baskins and Robbins oreo ice-cream cake at a pool BBQ a few nights early… it was a huge cake and we are still working our way through it; however with 4 ice-cream lovers in the house, finishing it wont pose a problem at all.

This was the first year Lachie has woken up early for his birthday, he came bounding into our room with excitement just before 6:30am and couldn’t wait to open his presents.

Meeting one of his new pet turtles. They are both still nameless at this stage.

Happy Birthday my boy!

Thanks Nanny and Poppy

My birthday present

Birthday breakfast- waffles and ice-cream

He spent the morning playing with his new toys before heading off to the local play centre for his party.

The cake- a job well done Clint

sack races

Nearing the end of musical chairs

Ride time

Maddy and Charlotte


Food time (how nutritious)

Our family

Killing the dinosaur (cutting the cake)

After all the excitement we had two very tired but happy children, who were in bed very early! Happy birthday Lachie xxx


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