Last day of school tomorrow.

It has been a busy few weeks.

On the 19th of June Mum and Dad came to visit on their way home from Europe for a few days. Lachie and Charlotte were so excited to see them and enjoyed their undivided attention! Unfortunately it was to hot to get out and do much while the kids were at school, but they saw most of it last time- and the children are the real attraction for them anyway! As per usual with my great timing, after having a Doctor visit, I managed to get sick the day they flew home! So I spent the last half of last week in bed hoping no-one else got it. So far (fingers crossed) the children have managed to avoid it and Clint only got a mild dose.

With school finishing tomorrow the reports cards have come home and we are very proud of both Lachie and Charlotte; they both got brilliant academic results and also excellent results for effort. Next school year (September) Lachie will start Year 2. His class are staying together for the 3rd year in a row which is great. 3 of his friends are moving back home so there will be some new faces. Again they have been given the lead teacher and she has a fantastic reputation. Charlotte will go into fs2 (already reading and writing sentences) her class is also staying together and she is lucky enough to have the same teacher again next year which is absolutely wonderful, 2 of her friends are also heading home… such is the transient population of Abu Dhabi. As a teacher I use to dream of 10 weeks of Summer holidays, now as a parent it is a completely different train of thought!

We head to Germany Thursday for Clint to race the Frankfurt Ironman, we were extremely organised booking our airfares, accommodation and car hire early knowing it would be peak season. However…. Saturday night we received a call from the Adina hotel in Frankfurt saying our apartment (which we booked in January) had been doubled booked. To add to our annoyance, the lady proceeded to tell Clint has been taken by someone who walked in off the street looking for accommodation for 3 weeks, checked in and will still be there when we arrive! How this is our problem I am still not sure, we are still trying to sort out some alternative accommodation. The staff at the Adina have been less than helpful! But I am sure we will find something and look forward to seeing Fiona and Steve again who are flying in from London for the weekend.

Stay tuned for race results…


One Response to Last day of school tomorrow.

  1. clint says:

    it was not mild it was an extreme case of ManFlu thank you.

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