Close to Summers end

August 22, 2010

It seems like a lifetime ago when Lachie bounded down the stairs to announce that he had just worked out they had 73 days off school for Summer holidays. I remember the shudder through my body as I thought “how am I going to survive that?” I pictured all our friends leaving with ‘the great white flight’ (this is the locals term for all the expats leaving every Summer), ┬áthe 50+ degrees outside, thus 2 very bored children inside with me slowly been driven to insanity!

And now, only 2 months later, it is hard to believe the holidays are almost over.

The day after we arrived back from Germany, my sister and her 3 children came from Japan for a visit. The cousins had a lovely time together and the week flew by all too fast.

As per usual, we rolled out of the Lebanese Flower after way to much food!

Jacqueline and I 'traditional Japanese photo fingers'

No training for a week and this happens ­čÖé

Lachie and Sam

Note the tongue...

see it is GENETIC!!!!!

Jump on the count of 3... or whenever you want if you are a stubborn 4 year old girl!


Joshua and Lucy's first roller coast ride.

Action shot

After Jacqueline, Paul and the kids left; we quickly settled into a lovely Summer routine. Lachie and Charlotte spent hours each day making and playing Lego, board games (I could easily go the rest of my life without having to play monopoly or scrabble again) and other imaginative games. Today as I type, they are apparently on a plane from Abu Dhabi to Australia to visit Mama, Papa, Nanny and Poppy then flying to Germany followed by Argentina. They have ‘packed’ the essentials (sleeping toys and books) and are having a wonderful time. They have obviously flown far to many times as I hear them recite the Ethiad seatbelt, smoking and emergency exit messages word for word.

Lachie also loves the Wii and drives us crazy reciting everyone’s┬áscores and what his records are (him and numbers!!!) I was initially against all computer games as I think they are anti-social but relented on this one. They have all the sports games and have to be up and moving to play it, I am quite amazed at how hot and sweaty they both get playing it. And it has been very handy in the middle of the day when it is too hot to go outside but they have energy to burn! Despite the 50+ temperatures we have spent most afternoons at our pool, one end is shaded in the morning, the other in the afternoon so it has got lots of use. We have also been lucky in that all the compound kids haven’t escaped for the holidays at the same time, very conveniently they timed their trips so my children always had other kids to play with. There has actually been a lot more to do here in the Summer then I originally thought- thank goodness!

Of course Summer may not have been so easy to survive without the lovely Marie. It is wonderful to be able to do the groceries and have appointments without dragging two children along with me. Also I have been able to leave them home for the day and escape for a couple of shopping trips to Dubai with the girls.

Next week we are off to Malaysia, a few days in Kuala Lumpur then a week in Kota Kinabalu which we are all looking forward to. Clint’s brother Brett, Keli and their 3 children are meeting us there then coming back here for a week. We land back in Abu Dhabi the day before school starts… looks like I may have easily survived the 73 days of holidays!