My sugar plum fairy

September 27, 2010

Charlotte decided that this year she wanted to do dancing instead of gymnastics; actually she wanted to do both but they are on at the same time so she had to choose and dancing was the winner. Her first class was yesterday and she was very excited to be given her uniform, the pink tutu and satin slippers being her favorite parts. She absolutely loved the class, not entirely sure what they do as the parents are outside the dance hall but she came out happy and full of life and wanted me to video her new dance when she got home. If I only could figure out how to post video’s to this site I’d be able to share!

Now I have to become a ‘ballet Mum’ and learn how to sew the straps on her slippers for next week… as long as they never expect me to sew a costume I should be fine!


Back to school

September 15, 2010

The long Summer break has come to an end. This week saw the kids return to school, Lachie is now in year 2 and Charlotte in fs2. They were both up early, dressed and ready to go the first day- even with their cousins staying with us… but played up for the camera!

Kota Kinabalu

September 15, 2010

After KL we flew to Kota Kinabalu which is still part of Malaysia but on the island of Borneo and oh how I wish we were still there! We had seven glorious (ok I only had 6 but more about that later) nights there. We stayed at the Shangri La Rasa Ria resort and it was heaven.

Joining the welcoming committee


Of course our holiday couldn’t be complete without some sort of stuff up, we arrived to find they had given us 2 adjoining rooms (as requested) but the 3rd room was on a different level… while the adults fought over who would stay away from all the children, management managed to swap our rooms after the first night (gotta love an upgrade).

We fell into a fantastic routine of lazy breakfasts then mornings spent lazing by the pool watching the kids play on the slides or heading to the beach for the boys to take the kids out on the catamarans and kayaks.

Ready to ride

Lachie in action

and again

After lunch by the pool, the kids headed to kids club where they spent their afternoons having pony rides, doing batik paintings, games and having lots of fun. Kids club meant the adults had the afternoons to ourselves… golf for the boys, day spa for the girls and just sitting enjoying a cocktail in the sun or watching the afternoon sun showers/ storms.

Face painting and pony ride

Much better then the rides in Kl

We managed to crawl out of the sun-lounges to play tourist once or twice. The resort is on 400 acres and has an orangutan rehabilitation sanctuary within it. We were so lucky on the morning we visited to have 2 of the 4 current orangutans come to the feeding platform for us. They got so unbelievable close and the kids (as were the adults) were awestruck to be able to watch them swinging through the trees.

Our own little monkeys

to show how close they got

We also went into the town one afternoon (a decision I would come to regret) we had dinner on the waterfront and visited the night markets which were terrible. I managed to get food poisoning and thus spent the night and following morning doing my own detox! Luckily no-one else got sick.

and yet he avoids food poisoning!

sunset view from dinner

We did a cultural village tour as well. It was fantastic and the kids all enjoyed it to. Not surprisingly Lachie thought the best part was about the headhunters!

Group shot

Blow pipe (traditional weapon)

White man can jump!

Each evening the kids from kids club got to take part in the lighting ceremony. A prince and princess are chosen and then the other children are warriors. Our kids did it a couple of times so they could each have a turn of being Prince or Princess.

The warriors... scary aren't they!

Royalty... Prince and Princess for the night

Unfortunately the holiday ended all too soon and it was time to head back to the desert and reality. We landed at midnight, Clint flew out again at midday for work and then Brett and family arrived in the evening for a week to see the Emirates and plan our next holiday together for 2012.

Kuala Lumpar

September 14, 2010

I remember reading somewhere that when you travel, half the fun is getting there… if this was the case we were in for a cr@p holiday!! Our plane left just before 3am, so we left home at midnight with 2 very tired children (they had had a few hours sleep). Note to self: avoid midnight flights in the future if at all possible! The flight was only 7 and a half hours long, the kids now class anything under 17 hours as a short trip. Charlotte flew fine, despite refusing to sleep and was happy enough to watch TV and charm the hostesses.  Unfortunately Lachie completed his usual pre-holiday detox and vomited for 6 hours straight. It was an extremely turbulent flight, even Clint and I felt queasy at different stages.

But we all survived and landed in time for a fantastic afternoon storm complete with thunder, lightning and dark, dark skies (yes, I realize only people from the desert get excited about rain on their holidays) as we made our way to our wonderful hotel. We could not have picked a better spot. Located in central Kl, walking distance to fantastic eateries and a monorail stop just outside to whip us around the city. Clint’s brother Brett, Keli and their three children flew in from oz the following day and we quickly filled our days shopping, playing tourist, shopping, swimming, eating, shopping and shopping. I think the children were going to rebel if we dragged them to the markets one more time!

Ready for dinner

Fish spa- the fish don't have teeth but are meant to remove dead skin and increase circulation... very weird feeling!

World's worst pony rides!

and now Lala's turn

Brigitte helping Lala to see

Taking it all in.

Family shot at Batu caves

The snakes were much more interesting than the temples for the kids.

My angels

Batu caves entrance... note the stairs on the left

The kids half way up.